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Oh and for those ladies with positives (totally off subject) consider MODERN cloth diapers. Im not suppose to get my period for another 2 weeks. hi girls i hope you are all ok, nice to see you back, i have been checking this site for a while and thought you had all left me lol, well still no bfp for me, im on cd25 and 5dpo, i ovulated late this month as was poorly at expected ovulation, but i had my cb digi opk so that was a relief i knew when i was ovulating, fingers crossed for all of you, i had my iud removed 1 yr ago on the 14th oct, and im due on, on the 16th so im hoping that this is my month xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanks for remembering me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hello ladies, it has been a while since i have written on here, and i see so much has happened. we were sent home with a babydancing schedule, and we FINALLY got a positive from the ovulation tests. My little one is now 5 1/2 weeks and she's such a pleasant baby. I hate to hear the news about your husband after waiting so long. I hope that your husband can see that there is always joy that comes with the miracle of life.