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4/1 Text (or chat) TA and Michelle Lowry: there’s a Michelle in our ward who has been playing spy for Jodi for months, giving her info about Lisa and Mimi. (She’s read) my journals, goes into my texts and emails. We’ve both stretched it farther than it should have naturally gone but intact it remains. That is my prayer and that is what I sincerely believe. When I mentioned I had to go you got offended TA: you decided to insult me as a speaker. Maybe if I told you a painting sucked you’d know how I felt. I’m busy and hope you are too JA: Since you sent me 5 texts, I’ll do the same. I have let you have a car, money and a whole hell of a lot of time JA: I really appreciate you got all of that stuff done for me so quickly 4/20 (supposedly) Text TA to JA : I am at a night club right now and it helped me to come to the conclusion that you are one of the prettiest girls on the planet 4/21 (supposedly) Text TA to JA: send me a naughty picture 4/21 TA journal: Tired of dealing with PPL politics. 5/9 TA journal: Not much accomplished except for my website (blog). They don’t make much sense as is, or at least, they don’t help in trying to piece together the order of what was said.