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I blushed slightly as it suddenly occurred to me that they were all kind of, uh, hot. That was turning out to be the real problem and easier said than done. Someone to love me back and have sex with a couple of times per week. Holy shit, I must sound like a big kid talking like that even if what I said was true. It was then Angie dropped the bombshell."Ben," she began, "The reason Ruth asked you about all this is that we all want to ask you something. And we needed to be sure what we were going to ask you is the right thing to do. She eased her head back so that only the tip of my penis was still in her mouth which she caressed lovingly with her tongue. The muscles in my ass were starting to tighten and I suddenly realized that all three women were still fully clothed. They were in for a big surprise when I did as it would be like a fire hose going off.