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I thought it would be Hye Mi Jin Guk until Ep 15 happened hahaha really forced lol Tbh, the reason why I watched this series is because of Kim Soo Hyun. I had seen a lot of K-drama prior to Deurim Hai, but I seriously feel like this the height of all Korean drama especially for youth. The ending was the most gut-wrenching thing I've ever witnessed I CAN'T BREATHE all up until the finale, Song Sam Dong and Go Hyemi needed to get their sorry asses together, make a sorry ass family, and grow their sorry asses old together, because his love will be the greatest thing she will ever know. I love this drama and all of the actors and actresses. when you show IU acts, and you feel she is cute, in character, that means she did it..because that's Kim Pilsuk ^^ I just love Dream High..thumbs UP for IU & Suzy who act for the first time..great start.on going :) Yahh~~!! on the contrary, here's Ham Eun Jung a 23-year old.